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Yet, we find that women do not get paid at par with men.

However, more and more women are seeking out jobs that pay them higher salaries than others.

Now girls, there’s nothing wrong with treating the people in your life to a little TLC, but when taking on the role of care taker begins to affect your relationships in a bad way, you might want to reconsider your behaviour. Rejection Complex In situations where people don’t need their help, the co-dependent personality feels and exaggerated sense of hurt.

Co-dependency revolves around the longing to be needed in the lives of others, and an outright declaration of independence from a loved one will come across as a profound rejection. Posted: AM PDT Women make up almost 50% of the workforce in America.

I’m not talking about corns or anything like that, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to my toenails in winter, since I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing open toed shoes most of the time (okay, ever – not even with tights; too cold! Still, I’ve seen sunshine outside for the last three days, so maybe spring really is on its way, you know?

Girls, we all like to feel we’re important to the people in our lives, but co-dependency goes a lot further than that – in fact it’s at the root of many dysfunctional relationships. The condition can manifest simply as a desire to play ‘Miss Fix-it’ in the lives of all your friends or it can be far more serious and cause people to enable the problems of others just so they continue to feel needed.

I don’t drink the high end espresso stuff or anything like that, so it isn’t as if I’m needing a kick-start to get going. I feel that that first cup of coffee is like the starting gun and it seems to clear my head enough to allow me to put the day’s events in order of importance. Wrap up in a blanket and read an entire book I have yet to finish a book all the way through in one sitting in the past 10 years.

My son was 6 the last time I read a book from cover to cover all in the same day.

However, with work, kids, pets, and random unexpected events, my days include more things that have to be done and less that I actually want to do. Start the day with a good cup of coffee It seems that my day never truly starts until my first cup of coffee.

I could totally go for a day of reading something that I haven’t written myself! Take the canoe out for a spin on the lake My husband and I haven’t been canoing since the end of last summer. Most of us long for a group of loved ones that are there through thick and thin like on the hit TV show “FRIENDS”.

Now that spring is nearly hear and the ice and snow seem to be gone, taking the canoe out on the lake sounds like an excellent way to spend the day. The truth is that maintaining friendships takes a lot of time, energy, and persistence.

It’s important to exfoliate your feet so you can get rid of all that dead skin.

Sometimes, when my skin gets really dry, especially on the heel, I use either Vaseline or milk based body butters and just slather it on, then pull on a clean, white cotton sock so it can soak in properly. Exfoliate Photo Credit: blackcurrent1 Your feet and toes are actually a lot like your face, because you have to take care of their skin.

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