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The 125 & 126 were the budget Clubs The 127 and 128 was the deluxe versions. This guitar can really only be considered as barely more than an experimental model.

It did actually appear in the "New Guitars" supplementary price list of Spring 1960 together with the Fledermaus guitar, but not in the main Hofner price list.

Most had no binding to the soundholes and body back, but this did eventually changed in later models, with binding appearing on the back of the body at the end of the 1960's.

Traditional archtop styling, but with laminated maple tops and (slightly) flamed maple top and sides.

The 455 was finished in a brown tobacco sunburst finish, but this was changed to a red shaded fish for a time during the 1960's. When Hofner re-commenced production in Moehrendorf, Bavaria after WW2 in 1949, the 456 was one of the archtop models offered.

Binding to back and sides of body, but earlier guitars did not have neck binding. Acoustic & Electric (one, two, or three pickup) versions available. A very similar archtop had been produced with that model designation before the onset of the war when Hofner were based at Schoenbach in Bohemia.

I can find no reference to this model in any of the old Hofner catalogues that are available to me.

Often called "Cluib-Style" or simply "Club" guitars as that was the name given by Selmer to the UK equivalent instruments.Manufactured between around 1953 and the 1980's, over which time Hofner produced many variations on the theme.Majority finished in brown tobacco sunburst, but also some in wine red sunburst.It was then transfigured into the second version of the 4579, which was a solid body guitar, based even more on the G..Les Paul concept.(See Solid Guitars Gallery) Bottom of the range archtop made between the mid-1950's and the early 1980's.

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