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In this groundbreaking manual, The Dating Black Book, you're going to learn about women, at...Author by : Jo Hemmings Languange Used : en Release Date : 2004-03 Publisher by : New Holland Books Description : Smart, portable and sassy, The Little Black Book is a unique and personal dating diary for today's selective single woman.It's the "magic bullet" for guys who want to put an end to their sexual frustration once and for all.

Maybe there's a pause in the conversation where you should ask for her number... Or you call her up to ask her out, but she seems distracted... Or she seems ready for the kiss, and the moment is right... I'll tell you this: I've personally experienced all 5 of those situations above at one point or another.There's an old bit of sales wisdom that says that bad salesmen are 'bad' simply because they don't believe enough in the product they're selling.And the BEST salesmen believe they've got something fantastic - and every person alive needs to have this thing. You probably even want a girlfriend and not just a one night stand.In my free Attraction Secrets Newsletter, you'll discover: How to get the confidence to meet any woman...

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