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That fire time, he explains, is the minutes that pass “from when a waiter standing at the table has pressed go on the i Pad to the time the food arrives at the table.” And the numbers are impressive.“We have an average fire time of 5 minutes, and some fire times are 2 minutes.“The casual-dining segment is ripe for disruption, and customers want it to be disrupted.They want to gather together and break bread with friends.Five minutes is profound—and sometimes food arrives even before the waiter has left the table.”Next Door is all about delivering “a full-service experience at the speed of the guest.” And if guests aren’t ready to order, there’s no pressure from Next Door to make them hurry.Journey to Food It was a long road that led Musk to innovating within the casual-dining restaurant sector.

We want millennials on our team, because their passion comes through in the work they do; they’re going to work harder and do a better job, because our mission resonates with them.” Next Door is also the gathering place that millennials crave.While the fast-casual industry has risen up as a way to serve real, affordable food to the masses—Musk points to Chipotle, a fellow Colorado-based brand, as an example—he believes the experience falls far short of a gathering place.And the food in traditional casual-dining restaurants, he adds, is simply not good enough.Musk’s family includes brother Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Space X and Tesla (whose boards Kimbal Musk sits on).Musk’s journey took him from South Africa, where he was born, to college in Canada and through the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley (where he and his brother made more than a little splash with their technology ventures).

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Distraction is not a word in his vocabulary—not when it comes to talking about real food for everyone and scaling menu innovation across his restaurant concepts. Casual Dining Disrupted To understand the concept of urban-casual dining, Musk says to look at it from the perspective of the guest, not the industry.

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