Dating for the organic

The amount of volatiles varies with the source material, but is typically 25–30% of it by weight.

In general, pyrolysis of organic substances produces volatile products and leaves a solid residue enriched in carbon, char.Carbon fiber items are often produced by spinning and weaving the desired item from fibers of a suitable polymer, and then pyrolyzing the material at a high temperature (from 1,500–3,000 °C or 2,730–5,430 °F).The first carbon fibers were made from rayon, but polyacrylonitrile has become the most common starting material.So it took courage on Angela's part just to capture these fairly innocent images at the local farmers' market, where I may return each Sunday for a fresh canelé.You will understand better once you view the bonus video.

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The word is coined from the Greek-derived elements pyro "fire" and lysis "separating".

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