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Our selected mother, combined with one of our favourite Dutch genetics has become a super cross with a powerful effect on everyone who inhales! This hybrid has become a big yielder with higher potency than the original.After breathing in these Acid fumes, the overwhelming sensation is evident. The heaviness of being in a physical body falls off …. Acid plants are a joy to grow but be sure to use good filters because they will fill your grow room with heavy aroma's! If Outdrs: End of Oct Yield: 400 g per m2 indoors; 600 g per plant outside Effect / Buzz : Powerful, overwhelming, uplifting. THC : 18 %Origins are from the mountains of North Afghanistan.Very easy to grow and manicure and a good producer even under unfavorable conditions.Typical Kush indica with large dark green leaves, it has been selectively bred over many generations and grows into a squat, multi-branched plant laden with heavy buds. 818 Headband Aka Sour OG This Award winning Strain ( 2k11 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Michigan 1st place Hybrid Category) This cross is my Original Sour Diesel cut which is known as AJ's cut aka Asshole Joe aka Weasel as in the first cut to come out of his room of the Famous Sour Diesel collection.. I took this cut and crossed to my SFV OG Kush IBL male. She can easily become one of your personal favorites real fast..

Doubling in size, its long sets of inter-nodal stacking create monster terminal buds pungent with gassy, pine and citrus aromas.

It grows wildly in the valleys of armu darya, a border river with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

This is a very stable variety, almost 100% indica, a fruit of successive cross-breds between kush varieties, that grow wildly close to each other in the limited geographical area.

Define its taste is not easy, it combines different nuances, all at the same time (sweet, azmicle, spicy, fruity,…). 30% indica 70% sátiva Veg Time: 2-3 wks Flowering Time: 75-80 days Yield: 600 gr/m2, if outdr: mid Oct: 1kg Height: 2-2.5 metres THC: 20-25% CBD: High Selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable Haze aroma. Patient is needed to grow this lady, but reward comes on 120 days. Really very energizing its power and its intense flavor haze is the best gift for the palate, enjoy the 2046!

It has a difficult cultivation and is not suitable for novice growers, it can only be grow in S. 0% indica 100% sátiva Veg Time: 1-2 wks Flowering Time: 110-120 days Yield: 500 gr/m2, if outdr: late Nov: 1kg Height: 3 metres THC: 20-25% CBD: medium is the obvious mix of our multiple award winning Indica Kosher Kush and the 2013 12X Sativa champion Tangie!

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