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If her she calls herself Lady Sarah then your email should probably begin civilly and conventionally enough with "Dear Lady Sarah." Addressing her as Mistress implies a relationship with her that you've yet to earn. And if you've created a web page as I suggested above close your email with the URL.

State clearly and specifically what - if it was anything other than propinquity - that motivated you to write to her. More than just your cravings: that is just being pushy. Courting a Domme in certain respects is much like courting anyone.

Really the question is what is wrong with your or at least your presentation of yourself? I'll Do Anything, there are plenty of you out there. Any dominant woman that responds to your email is apt to be a beginner. But there are pure masochists and sadists who only giggle at words like slave and Mistress. You'll need to make sure you approach women whose desires complement yours.

Within a month promises of being willing to do anything will only prove to her that she doesn't want anything to do with you. Use Yahoo Geocities or similar service and create a simple web page. If you aren't able to write discursively and personally put up a simple slave's checklist.

The more selfhood, charm, humor and intelligence you convey the more you will seem worthy of attention.

You may get only a polite "No thanks" but that is better than dead silence.

These are chicks who I could pull at a bar or something in like 15 seconds, are they getting bombarded with dudes hitting on them every day? I even put up a picture of my face which is attractive enough to pull some of these sub-average ladies but they still don't respond. The only thing it doesn't do it try and find BS matches for you, which I consider a good thing since you can just go by looks first. if I wanted to go to bars I would have started a threat called "Best ways to hook up at bars" or something of the sort.

Share your methods, best sites, what to write in the emails/profiles. Anyway, we have 100000,000 threads about picking up chicks at bars, which are typically filled with luscious college age chicks. If you have trouble making friends, try getting a job at a department store, where lots of young part time people work at.

this chick showed up and was smokin(perfect 10) but she wanted a grand to do the nasty.Also, this one chick tried to hit on me in Vegas, and of course after she asked to go back to the room she asked if I had money. After that, everytime a chick in Vegas smiled at me I just assumed she was a hooker and kept going. So I guess nobody has success with online dating sites(except the one mentioned). Cougar bars are the ones where all the single older chicks hang out looking for some young stud to come home with them.I've never looked into it myself but from what I hear they're fairly plentiful.if i remember right we met off an internet dating site.. but she was just one of those married woman, who wanted more.. i guess she was looking for adventure and romance and simply thats what i gave her.. but like i said, shes been a relationship for so long and just wanted something different i guess... Lots of guys i know say these chicks are sometimes kind of trashy but older and decent looking, mostly they just do it so they can tell us on monday at school that they banged a chick fifteen years older than them t's free and has all the same features as most dating sites.The only thing it doesn't do it try and find bs matches for you, which i consider a good thing since you can just go by looks first.

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