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105/6) and thus distorted beyond recognition Humboldt’s integration of linguistic research and philosophy of language, which lies at the heart of his linguistic enterprise.

It is only in the late twentieth century that the philosopher of language and linguist Humboldt has been discovered in France by men like Henri Meschonic, Jean Rousseau or Denis Thouard (For their publications see, Bösch 2006, pp. Surprisingly, Humboldt’s name has been notoriously absent in the extensive debates prompted by Jacques Derrida and his concerning the role of writing (écriture) for an understanding of language and culture and its alleged neglect in the Western tradition because of its inherent phonocentrism.

Johann Jakob Engel, the renowned philosopher and writer, introduced the young Humboldt to modern and contemporary European philosophy in the areas of logic, aesthetics, metaphysics and language.

With Engel, Humboldt read and discussed works by Leibniz, Hume, Locke, Harris, Herder, Condillac and Rousseau.

234) and the latter in turn carried reviews of some of his writings.

It has to be noted that this French reception resulted largely from the personal contacts and scholarly exchanges that he maintained with a number of prominent French linguists such as Jean-François Champollion, Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat, Eugène Jacquet, and Eugène Burnouf.

But their interest in Humboldt was partial at best and limited to those aspects of his work that could be utilized to reinforce or to legitimize their own projects and methodologies.In France, on the other hand, we find throughout the nineteenth century a comparatively sustained interest in Humboldt that was confined chiefly to his work in the Asian languages and to his Basque studies.As a member of the (for a list of these articles, see Bösch 2006, p.Humboldt’s father was of German middle class background whose family had been granted the status of nobility with the title of “Freiherr” (Baron) in 1738 whereas his mother (maiden name de Colomb) was of middle class, mainly French Huguenot and German-Scottish extraction.Neither Wilhelm nor his younger brother Alexander (1769–1859) ever attended a public primary or secondary school.

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Thus a prominent figure like Franz Bopp would maintain that the languages of the South Pacific represented but decayed forms of Sanskrit despite the fact that Humboldt had already thoroughly disproved this opinion in his Kavi Work and demonstrated that these languages constituted what is called today the Austronesian language group (Mueller-Vollmer 1991).

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