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“He taught me to set things up where I wouldn’t be in a bad position when I came into the league. I would pull up to the lot and the guys would make fun of me, like, ‘You’re a first-round pick, why not buy a Range Rover?

(“Pretty minimal, but more than I ever made in a summer job,” he says.) When he arrived on campus, Kerney decided he would also take a shot at trying out for the football team as a walk-on.He had contemplated joining the cross-country team his first year at Taft, but “the football coach was like, ‘I think you like hitting people,’” Kerney says.“‘You can’t do that in cross-country.’” Swayed by this logic, Kerney joined the Taft football team.He likens being a professional athlete to winning a lottery ticket—and reminds players that, having already hit the jackpot, they don’t necessarily need to seek out additional risky prospects, like one-off real estate deals or tech investments, until they’ve established a solid, safe asset-growth base first.Kerney is particularly passionate about the impact of hidden fees or management costs on a player’s portfolio, because, given the young age of the athletes, even amounts that seem relatively insignificant now will, over time, go forth and multiply.

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