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“The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth ribs on the left show healed fractures, suggesting a one-time multiple trauma.

All five ribs have healed well, even though some distortion remains.

Here the X-ray shows that the third, fourth, fifth and sixth ribs are broken and are somewhat out of position.

In this case there is no callus formation, no trace of the bones having healed, a fact which limits the time-frame in which the break happened to no more than two months before the Iceman’s death.” This would seem to rule out the possibility that Oetzi was still a juvenile at the time of his death.

The corpse (see Figure 1) has subsequently become known by a variety of names, including: the Similaun Man, the prehistoric Tyrolean Ice Man, After the corpse had been airlifted by helicopter from the glacier to Innsbruck and then to the mortuary at the University of Innsbruck’s Institute of Forensic Medicine, a number of scientists expressed the belief that the corpse was unlikely to belong to an individual who died more than 500 years ago.

For instance, expert glaciologists believed it unlikely that a glacier would retain a corpse for thousands of years.

The preliminary results were released to the press by Professor Klaus Oeggl in December, 1991.

With reference to their design the noted Austrian archaeologist, Hans Notdürfter, commented (with a measure of surprise) that: “It is significant that ballistic principles were known and applied.” This could either be by design, such as in the case of a genuine composite arrow (which is designed to break into two sections upon impact), or by virtue of attempts to re-use two previously broken arrows.Why this should be so is not clear at this point in time. His basic garment was an unlined fur robe made of patches of deer, chamois and ibex skin.It is apparent from a single photograph, taken by the Ice Man’s co-discoverers, Helmut and Erika Simon, that Oetzi was naked when first found. Though badly repaired at many points, the robe had been cleverly whipstitched together with threads of sinew or plant fibre, in what appears to be a mosaic-like pattern, belying the popular image of cavemen in crude skins.” The back of his garment was badly tattered; a by-product of wear generated by his haversack (see below).Also recovered from the Oetztaler site was a piece of jewellery or talisman, comprising a polished stone circlet attached to a tassel of string via a hole through the stone’s centre.(The possible significance of this suggestion will be explored, at length, later in this paper.) Spindler, by way of contrast, suggested (in 1992) that they can signify almost anything, including membership of a particular family, tribe, village or class.

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