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In Mid-2003, Gateway Computers and JVC announced they would release Pocket PCs, but the projects were discontinued before a product was released.

Before the Pocket PC brand was launched, there were other Windows-based machines of the same form factor made by HP, Philips, and others called Palm-size PCs.

In 2007, with the advent of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft dropped the name Pocket PC in favor of a new naming scheme: The Pocket PC was an evolution from prior calculator-sized computers.

Keystroke-programmable calculators which could do simple business and scientific applications were available by the 1970s.

Prior to the release of Windows Mobile 2003, third-party software was developed using Microsoft's e Mbedded Visual Tools, e Mbedded Visual Basic (e VB) and e Mbedded Visual C (e VC). According to Microsoft, the Pocket PC is "a handheld device that enables users to store and retrieve e-mail, contacts, appointments, tasks, play multimedia files, games, exchange text messages with Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger), browse the Web, and more." (src: microsoft buyersguide) From a technical standpoint, "Pocket PC" is a Microsoft specification that sets various hardware and software requirements for mobile devices bearing the "Pocket PC" label.

For instance, any device which is to be classified as a Pocket PC must: The Pocket PC/Windows Mobile OS was superseded by Windows Phone on February 15, 2010 when the latter was announced at Mobile World Congress that year.

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