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Sejeong and jung hyun have a very good chemistry.love story was potray in a matured way, simple but sweet. I'm sure that this will be the stepping stone for the three main leads. It's a light teenage drama, well done and with an excellent supporting cast. I enjoyed this series and would like to rate it 7/10. The only downside is the teachers are so incompetent but I guess the producer wanna portray that teachers are also human struggling to fight with upper (unjust) management but worrying about whether they get to keep their job or not if they go against the school's upper management. educations system and power of families affect everybody..Hope to see more drama with sejeong and jung hyun as a lead. and by the way, Jang Donghyun looks like Kim Soo-Hyun This is a very good drama. And although I've liked Sejeong before I watched this drama, this drama made me love her more. But in the end, I don't really mind as long as taewoon and eunho get many moments, because they're the reason I watched this drama in the first place. I never left a comment, but I need to really give an opinion on this low rating thing. If you're looking for a rom-com that won't tax your brain too much, it's a good one to watch. I don't understand why it's still NR when this drama is so so so good. people born with golden spoon has all opportunities .. I guess since goblin, this is the first drama at 2017 that made me falling love with every plot line they made. Some line stories succeed to made any emotion for viewers. Yeap this drama is not really korean ppl cup of tea, but for me, i really enjoy it, lyke really tho, it is a drama, not a reality show. Coming from an Asian country, I admit that I can totally relate with what the students are going through. However, when you acquaint yourself with amazing people, you won't even feel the pressure that much. Yes it is true that the main characters have the best chemistry (I talk about taewoon&eunhoo), but that is actually what makes this drama has too much clicheness & no stand-out point like other school series. But I admit that this drama is cute, but not that wow.

i followed the school series and this was honestly my least favorite part of the saga. I want more I watcehd this drama after it finished and it takes me only 2 days . Also i love how Kyung Woo always there for Sarang whenever she had hard time and even bring Issue to make Sarang feel happy . I could actually feel the pain, the happiness, the sadness, the confusion, the love that their characters feel. I mean, almost in each accident, there'll be Eun Ho. The newbies have done a great job of keeping everyone entertained with their excellent acting skills and they compliment the more seasoned actors very well.I swear my favorite "couple", Sa-Rang, Kyung-Woo, just disappeared and their story never progressed :(. I swear his scenes are useless and dont add the the story at all. It's against my rule of oppadeul fangirling XD Anyway I love the story and the chemistry!! so what if he's just a labourer or a taxi driver, at least he has a decent job, not stealing, murder or conning other people ... this drama proved that all we need is chemistry than fake kiss..chemistry between all cast.... I 'm waited for kiss scene..lastly I'm smile..on.school drama.. The story feels so real for me, good job writer-nim. Whatever about the rank in KR, but I do know that so many international fans love this drama over the world. Thumbs up for Sejeong, she deserve to get the lead role. Anyway, I have watched School 20, but compare with those, I like School 2017 more more and more. whether these series is not in top 20 for me its the top 1 I love these series very very much. Anywayy i really love this drama ❤❤❤ Why is it not ranked? It is relatable for all students having a hard time with their life. Also, I love the fact how the drama perfectly depicts how important values and morals are compared to grades. Actually I quite enjoy this show but after I watch a brillian & superb drama like Secret Forest which cannot even be compared with this one, I quit school 2017. It is bcs sf is too good and the gap w/ school 2017 is too big.The son and daughter from dean have every vip access. idk about the real reality out there in Korea but for me, the plot, the character, the people, are unrealistic. Some of the characters are also too innocent for a high school student. In the first chapter we didn't realise how big it would become in the next episodes.Are they really out there discriminating about grades and wealth? Despite this Spence about the identity of X, what is really addicting to me is to accompany these students in this difficult trajectory.

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Holding hands, simple kiss on a cheek, sitting next to each other, looking with each other are still makes me excited about these two... Student X (which is the main story) was great idea. Hope to see these leads in other fun shows, OTP is super cute, loved every feel. I watched all 14 eps in a row but it feels like I just watched only 1 ep. I nver imagine I would compare the male lead to my fave korean actor of all time lee minho. It's kinda not makes sense to watch but indeed I enjoyed it so much. i like all other characters too..drama is so suitable for youths...???? I don't know why, I just love watching the characters and the story is not bad at all.

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